Re: [Evolution] Making images/text display inline by default

Is there a way to configure Evolution to display images and text files
inline by default? I vaguely remember Thunderbird to have such an
option. I hate having to click the "Display Inline" drop down to display
attached images and text files everytime.

No, there is no such option.

You can file a wish list "bug" in bugzilla, if you think this would be
useful to others as well. Please search for this bug before filing a
possible dupe, and feel free to add comments if it already exists.

FWIW, whether attachments should be displayed by default (if possible)
is an option offered to the sender [1]. In the Evolution Composer it's
"Suggest automatic display of attachment", available while selecting an
attachment and in any attachments Properties.


[1] "Content-Disposition: inline" rather than "attachment" for any MIME

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