Re: [Evolution] Evolution & SLOX

Hi Again
JP - thanks for the URL - This is the "relevant" part - which is what I was wondering if anyone has any time line on.
Quoting from the URL..
"As part of the agreement, /Novell will contribute SUSE LINUX Openexchange code to the OPEN-XCHANGE community and Netline will be fully integrated into Novell's DeveloperNet program - enabling Netline to seamlessly integrate OPEN-XCHANGE with existing Novell technology (Evolution, Novell Linux Desktop, ZENworks)/. Novell will also provide sales, training, maintenance and first- and second level-support for OPEN-XCHANGE - with Netline supplying third-level support.

"Novell has the most extensive open source sales, support and maintenance in the world," said Frank Hoberg, CEO, Netline Internet Service. "This agreement extends our existing relationship with SUSE/Novell and also enables us to leverage Novell's world-wide infrastructure and enterprise software expertise.""

Best regards

Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

On Wed, 2005-01-05 at 14:22 -0500, JP Rosevear wrote:
On Wed, 2005-01-05 at 11:42 -0500, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On Wed, 2005-01-05 at 17:03 +0100, Adrian Bellini wrote:
Hi List
Does anyone have any idea when / If! Evolution will be able to sync
calenders with SLOX
probably never since SLOX has been dropped by Novell afaik
It hasn't:

Our main focus for support in Evolution is GroupWise though.

oh, I was told novell is getting rid of SLOX altogether. *shrug*



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