Re: [Evolution] Feature requests

Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

I wish this feature was not important, I wouldnt have requested for this
otherwise. Unfortunately, this feature is critical. It may not be
important to store mails in an encrypted format, but it should atleast be
in encoded . Something other than  plain text is necessary.

What I cant understand is why it cannot be done?

I never said encrypting mails locally on disc couldn't be done, I said
it was impractical and a waste of effort.

Jeffrey, do you visit clients? You dont have people in the market who can read encrypted mails, but you will definately have admins who will read mails if they are in plain text.
It point here is practical situation.

Do me a favour, just impliment this feature. Provide it as an option, which can be turned off if the end-user does not need it.

changing file-system permissions is sufficient for blocking out everyone
except root, encrypting doesn't block root. so what is the point? it's a
lot of extra processing for no added benefit (except a false sense of

Explain to me how root can access encrypted content? If a file is encrypted using gpg, how can you read it without the passphrase?

no, it is really trivial to do and in fact requires no more effort than
opening a file with vi :)

Can you expain, how to do this and not just metion that this is easy to do.


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