[Evolution] Migration of existing evolution to new partition?

Hi everyone, 

A couple of days ago my KMail corrupted hundreds of my
files and started acting really weird with missing
toolbar buttons and the like.  KDE in general has been
quirky as of late when trying to upgrade.  Short of
all this is that I switched to Evolution and then to

Evolution has improved by leaps and bounds since I
last tried it a year or more ago.  No more crashes and
the like.  VERY NICE!!  

I am now trying to copy over the relevant files from
my old home partition to a new home partition on an
entirely different disk. I have gotten all my email
copied over no problem but am having a big problem
trying to copy over the files that may contain my mail
account settings.  

I have tried copying ~/carlos/.evolution and
~/gconf/apps/evolution completely and evolution
(running under a different Linux and accessing things
on a different partition on a different hard disk)
absolutely refused to load my old mail account

Where are these settings kept?  Such that I could copy
over the files that have to do with them?  

Any input on this would be most appreciated.  

I have spent hours looking, and tinkering with
evolution, and searching Google and DogPile and to
date have found nothing laying out very clearly and
very thoroughly where evolution keeps it's data and
which files do what and where.  Is there no web page
anywhere that would list all this? 


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