[Evolution] Using Evolution from the command line.

Hi all,

I have a need to send a short, automatically generated email of system
information from one computer to another.

Evolution is installed and working on this system, and understood by the
local operator, so it would be ideal to generate an email from a shell
script.  The local operator could then just press the 'Send' button and
the email would be transmitted.

I can't find a full description of the command line syntax for
evolution.  Googling and advice from others has come up with the
following pattern;

evolution mailto:joe soap com?body="The stuff I want sent"

This does work.  However, for completeness, I'd like to set the subject
line as well as the body.  For this the following has been suggested to

evolution mailto:joe soap com?subject"Its about"&body="The stuff I want

This doesn't work for me :(

Basically, in the above example, the subject is set ok, but the body is
not filled with my data.  I only seem to be able to pass the recipient
address and one additional parameter to Evolution.

It isn't a showstopper, as I can get the machine to send a blank subject
message with the system data in the body, which is enough to work with;
I would like to be able to do the job more elegantly if possible.

Where can I find information about the command line syntax and


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