Re: [Evolution] Evolution and gnome 2.8 MIME

And I *finally* found the doc!

Objective: create a new mime definition for goofy "audio/wav" type.

Only exception with Fedora (at least) was that the "application" types for .wav files are in
/usr/share/mime/audio (not "application") and the packages are defined in 

So, I created a "wav.xml" mime type in the audio directory, and added an entry for it in, then ran "update-mime-database /usr/share/mime".  For a comment, I'm just 
calling it "Windows WAV" - I could have been much more impolite - since this mime type 
only seems to come up when I receive voicemails from our Exchange/Cisco voicemail system.  

Just another Windoze mime type not playing nice perhaps?

All is well now.

On Wed, 2005-02-09 at 14:05 -0500, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
should just be able to add audio/wav to the GNOME MIME database (don't
ask me how, I don't change any default GNOME settings ever)


On Wed, 2005-02-09 at 12:49 -0600, Chris Boyce wrote:
Greetings.  Just upgraded to Fedora Core 3 (with gnome 2.8 and Evolution

Our company's voicemail system mails us .wav files when a voicemail
comes in.  Unfortunately, they appear to Evolution as a MIME type
"audio/wav", when the normal MIME type for .wav files in Gnome 2.8
appears to be "audio/x-wav".  

As a result, when I get a voicemail, Evolution doesn't provide the usual
list of apps to open it with.  If I send myself a "standard" .wav file,
Evolution gives me all the same choices that, say, Nautilus would give

Pre-Gnome 2.8, I could add the alternate MIME type to fix this.  Does
anyone know how to do this in Gnome 2.8 and have Evo recognize it?  I
apologize if this is not so much an "Evo" problem as it is a Gnome
issue, but I only seem to have this .wav MIME-type discrepancy in Evo.

Thanks very much.


Chris Boyce

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