[Evolution] Evolution 2.1.4 won't restart after closing


I'm running Evolution 2.1.4, compiled with garnome 2.9.90.  When I first
start evolution everything works fine.  After I close it and try to
reopen it, I consistently get the "application terminated unexpectedly"
dialog box.

I have to do a full Linux reboot to get Evolution to work again.  Just
logging out of the gnome session or killall gdm doesn't work.
evolution-2.2 --force-shutdown also doesn't solve the problem.

Has anyone seen this before or have any pointers to where I can start
looking for a solution?

Bug report is at http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=72357



Jason Ruiter
Research Scientist
Environment and Emerging Technologies Division
Altarum Institute
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
(v)734.302.4724 (f)734.302.4991 (m)248.345.4598
Jason Ruiter Altarum org

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