[Evolution] Import calendar from spreadsheat


I'm trying to import my classes from univeristy to Evolution. The format of the entries is somthing like:

date : time-start : time-end : summary/text : yada yada : room : etc :

I've got hundreds of these entries each semester.

Usually I copy-paste everything from the web into excel , format it and then import it into Outlook (which I used earlier). To get this going easely I, first exported a single item and got the format of the spreadsheet.

With a spreadsheet it pretty easy to change

10.2.05 : 10-11 : Labtime : J. Johson : lab 5 : Anatomy

10-02-05 : 10:00:00 : 11:00:00 : Labtime [J. Johson - lab 5] (Ana)

Is there an easy way to import entries like this i evolution, Does an spreadsheet > ical program exist? or do I have to go through outlook first?


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