Re: [Evolution] Copy/original of Sent emails going to Trash

On Sun, 2005-02-06 at 09:35 -0800, Des Dougan wrote:

I deleted the only outgoing filter I had, which would place my sent
email to that party into the folder that that party's incoming emails
were also being filtered to. I sent another email to that party and a
copy went into Sent -- nothing went into the Trash. I recreated the
outgoing filter as before: sent goes to the receipient's folder and stop
processing. Once again, a copy of the email went into the Trash. 

What gives?

Evolution doesn't move mail when filtered - it copies to the new folder
and deletes the original, hence you seeing mails in the Trash - it's
perfectly normal behaviour.

Yes, I see that I should have understood that. I was too deep into the
problem to see the obvious. However, I am now not able to filter mail to
the specified folder. Instead, it leaves the copy of sent email in the
Sent folder. Any ideas?



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