Re: [Evolution] Misc Evolution Problems

1) I have a POP3 account and an IMAP account setup on 2.2.3. Both
accounts have outgoing SMTP servers assigned. When I send mail, it
doesn't matter which account I create the account under, the outgoing
mail always goes out through whichever account is currently set as
"Default". Is there any way to get Evolution to send mail out to through
the "correct" SMTP server? Remember how Outlook did it it was determined
by the from address you were using.

As far as I can see Evo does do that - certainly on my setup I have my
work email set to go out through my work SMTP server and my personal
mail to go out via my server, and the route is determined by which
'account' I use.   They are both IMAP servers though if it makes a
difference.  I presume you've checked that the sending options are set
correctly for each account.


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