Re: [Evolution] Exchange 2003 and Evolution connector problem

Hi Romain,

Which version of evolution are you using ? From the description it looks
like mostly evo 2.2 or later. In either case, evolution could hang, when
the evolution-exchange-storage process might have crashed. Try attaching
gdb to evolution-exchange-storage process when evolution hangs, and get
the backtrace for that. Also attach gdb to the hung evolution process,
so that we can know its state. .. this will help you in
understanding how to get the traces from a process using gdb.

Please a file a bug in, so that it can be tracked

Your setup seems to be using Form-based-authentication over an SSL
connection. There are a few bugs on this already in bugzilla [ under
Connector product ], though i dont quite remember the bug id off the
head now. You could keep a track on them too.

-- Sarfraaz

On Tue, 2005-12-06 at 12:59 -0500, Romain PÃlissier wrote:
This is my first post on this forum and I hope I could have some help^or advice about an issue I have with 
Just for the record : I have a project to use a linux box (SUSE 10) as I use an xp box in my corporate 
network. To do so, I need and email client that could be use the same way that users use their Outlook 2000 
I also do not want to modify too much my exchange 2003 settings because I need the email client on the 
linux box to conect to the exchange server with to other settings that an xp box does, meaning that the 
linux box have to adapt itself with the corporate environement.
After looking around the net, I have found that only evolution is able to connect to exchange 2000/2003 in 
'native' mode, meaning no IMAP, POP or other special config.
I have installed it, I hope with the latest version but when it comes to the configuration, it always hang 
Here you wil find some little informations about my settings, I will post some other debug info later if 
needed (like IIS log file, ethereal dump).
If I use webmail on firefox on my linux bos, I have to enter https://myemailserver/exchange.
after that I am prompted accept the certificate, 
then enter the user name like\myusername
I am in 
I have started with a basic setup (smtp account to be sure that I can enter in the apps (if I try to 
configure directly the exchange conenction, it crash)
in my email, I have entered firstname lastname myemailserver mydomain com (I have read that in the doc)
I have also imported the certificate into evolution and it appear in the root certificates store
then when I try to configure the exchange connection :
- owa url :
- user name : combination of\myusername or my username don't know which one to use ...
- password : plain text (the certificate server is not located on the same box as the email server and to 
make it work I have setuped my iis/exchange box to accept plain text password
* every try to conect to the exchange server hangs the application.
* the iis (internet information service that is to say the web server on the email server) seems to receive 
the request (I see some get command on the username folder)
* the packets dump done with ethereal does not show any errors and things seems to work on this side.
HAve anyone of you be able to make evolution works with Exchange 2003 ? I really need some help here 
because I don't know what makes the app hang : some settings on the server side or maybe some setup on 
Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated !!!! 

Romain PÃlissier 
Administrateur SystÃmes
System Administrator 

T 514.333.6600 # 126 

Romain Pelissier sqliaison com

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