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On Tue, 30 Aug 2005 07:14, Oscar Gonzalez tapped out:
I second all that!

I've come to just accept that Gnome is just never going to:

1.) Get their act together. They're all too worried about new versions and new 
libs that they can't even address the simple things in the Gnome Desktop 
Environment that have just never gotten fixed or features that have just 
never gotten implemented - look at the source tree - it's a mess - "too many 
cooks in the kitchen" - it's a wonder they can even get a viable desktop out 
there in the first place with all the strange and cryptic version numbers and 
multitudes of dependencies. It's really too bad they just don't "freeze" the 
entire project for a six month or longer period to get the code cleaned up, 
all the bugs (and missing features) cleaned up. I'd consider going back to 
Gnome if they'd just remain stable long enough and not worry about "Hurry up! 
We have to make another version and woo the world!" (Wonder why there's so 
many Fedora Cores? Gnome is the main reason).

2.) Truly listen to the people that are trying to USE Gnome and not the 
developers and other miscreants that are so far above the level of the 
"normal user" - fix the bugs. Implement the features. Make it easy again. 
What was so doggone wrong with the way that things were done in 1.4.6? Why 
take away all the truly customisable features? For instance, why, if you 
completely disable all animations THAT THERE IS STILL AN ANIMATION WHEN YOU 
MINIMISE AND APPLICATION? Come on. That is truly silly. I've come to realise 
that Gnome now basically stands for "Gee! No Me!" (as I've used that phrase 
whilst being an IRC channel operator in #mandriva on - so 
it's copyrighted now!)

3.) Stick to one path. They're all over the road. Once again, a case of too 
many cooks in the kitchen, or lack of a centralised goal (or leader 

Look, they've been a mess and in chaos since breaking from the 1.4 code line, 
and since flipflopping from Gnome to Ximian and back to Gnome and rah rah rah 
and getting their FTP site hacked and rah rah rah and because of the solar 
radiation rah rah rah - I literally give up even following any of the tech 
news related to Gnome (Gee! No Me!) anymore as it's never about the reality 
of the person using the desktop in a day to day normal way. Really sad that 
it all had to end the way it did, but at least I've found that there ARE more 
options in the world - not just KDE or Gnome (Gee! No Me!) (and they're both 
turning into nothing more than bloatware).

I wonder if someone's ever going to create a native email client for XFce? :)

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