[Evolution] Future emails

I have an issue that I have now have emails showing up 1hour in the
future. This is an issue as all emails are CC'd into a Notes DB to track
customer history of email threads etc, and it breaks the DB ordering if
someone else answers questions.

I have verified that if I use OWA via Firefox on my SuSE box it works
fine. I have verified that my time zone on the OS level is set to
New_York EDT and NTP is functioning correctly. I have verified settings
in evolution are using EST New_York.

I have verified that if I parse the "sent" mail the time stamp is
correct but it is definatly an evolution thing. 

It would appear if you parse the emails (attached) that Evolution is not
doing the correct offset for daylight savings when it sends email.

My time settings in Edit->Preferances->Calendar and Tasks-> Time Zone
is :America/New_York

No option for Daylight or no Daylight specifically.


Jeremey Wise
jeremey wise agilysys com

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