Re: [Evolution] Evolution + exchange 5.5

On Tue, 2005-08-23 at 14:24 +0200, Philippe Béziat wrote:

Is there a solution to connect Evolution to exchange 5.5 ?

Yes, (soon) there is. 

Snapshot for Evolution 2.4 here:

It builds and install just fine. Originally I planned on doing this for
Evolution 2.x, but unforeseen delays made me jump straight to CVS HEAD.

I must find a solution to migrate all the computers of the company with
Linux !

It is work in (fast) progress. What is implemented now is a do-nothing
Brutus Camel provider, which was done in about a week. The current
Brutus Camel provider will actually make Evolution crash upon startup if
any Exchange accounts are created, due to some virtual methods returning
NUL, so be forewarned. That will change, naturally.

Anyway... ask away if you are interested in knowing what goes on.

Best regards,

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