Re: [Evolution] Exporting evo mail rules, calendars, et al

hi colin,

Am Samstag, den 13.08.2005, 20:29 +0200 schrieb Colin J. Raven:
I'm running Evolution 2.04 under Xandros and want to install OpenSUSE
tomorrow, however I'd like -if possible- to export rules I set up in
Evolution, as well as calendar and contacts. Nowhere in help do I see
any way to do this.

Is it perhaps as simple as saving the .evolution directory in my

assuming that you haven't run evo on the new computer and received new
mails for example, here we go:

evolution stores your data in "$HOME/.evolution/", your account settings
in "$HOME/.gconf/apps/evolution" and your passwords in
"$HOME/.gnome2_private/Evolution". ssl certificates are stored in

shut down evolution on the old computer by running "evolution
copy your data and your passwords.
dump your account settings by running "gconftool-2
--dump /apps/evolution > some-file.xml".
on the new computer, make sure you're not running gconf (by "ps ax |
grep gconf" for example; you normally have to leave gnome for that and
then run "gconftool-2 --shutdown").
then import those settings by running "gconftool-2 --load some-file.xml"
and log in to gnome again.

sometimes this also works without shutting down gconf, but at least when
copying my data to a new computer i *had* to log out of gnome and shut
down gconf. :-/


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