[Evolution] LDAP Access to Active Directory (Exchange 2003)

Greetings all


I am a newbie at Evolution and have barely worked with it. I have a strong Microsoft background.



Currently, users at a client of mine who access or download their mail using the "Evolution" mail client (on Linux) query the LDAP/Exchange 5.5 server and they are able to see the global address list including distribution lists etc.


When changing the same users' “Evolution mail” settings to query the new Active Directory LDAP server (Windows 2003), there are a few problems, namely:


1) When users search the global address list, the results are successful, but a pop-up error message appears "did not complete successfully". I have no idea why this is so and my research has come to a dead-end.

2) Users are unable to search for distribution lists and need to manually specify the email address for the list to send an email to members of that list.


The problems do not occur when we use another mail client, for example Outlook Express (Windows) and Kontact (on Linux).


I suspect the problem to be with the Evolution mail client – perhaps there is a patch or later version.


I’m waiting for the client to send me version numbers.


Has anyone had a similar problem?


Luq A


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