Re: [Evolution] Upgrading

On Mon, 2005-08-08 at 07:33 +0200, AHendriks rdw nl wrote:

After selecting the server type 'Microsoft Exchange' i have to give a
username, i have tried a lot of names, nothing seems to be working, the
Forward tab stays grayed out.

Arjan -

The account setup for Microsoft Exchange is taken care by a plugin
called "Exchange Account Setup". You have to see an input box with the
label "Exchange OWA Url" below the username input box. There will be an
"Authenticate" button by the side of it. To move to the next page, you
need to provide your OWA url, authenticate with the password
successfully. If you are not able to see the OWA url input box and the
authenticate button, it means that the plugin "Exchange Account Setup"
is not enabled. Please go to the menu item "Manage Plugins" under
"Tools" and enable that plugin.


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