Re: [Evolution] Debug Evo Calendar functions?

Look for calendar.ics and tasks.ics files under your .evolution
directory and ensure the file has data and is readable.

My Evolution data is SO BROKEN after that failed gpilot sync that even
blowing away my ".evolution/calendar" and ".evolution/tasks" directories
STILL won't allow new items to be added to the new calendar.  (This was
after running "evolution --force-shutdown", of course.)  Something in my
data's state has been damaged by gpilot somehow and I CANNOT GET IT
Evolution needs related information from .gconf/apps/evolution to
interpret the data in .evolution/calendar and .evolution/tasks.

NotZed has already explained on how to cleanse the  gconf settings if
they had been corrupt. You could create a fresh calendar and import the
ics data from the file.

Your problems might be arising from a datum specific to your calendar
(maybe from a different source). If you would, snip out any
sensitive/personal information while keeping the data as much intact as
possible and attach it to the bug for analysis.


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