Re: [Evolution] user+subject host address format, was Re: how to edit 'from' line when composing

On Tue, 2005-08-02 at 22:50 -0400, W Randolph Franklin wrote:
3. Why not use a filter to "sort" replies? 

What's the invariant that I would sort on?   The sender and the subject
may change, say if the sender passes my address on to someone else.
However my address can't if the mail is to reach me.  

It depends.

For this list, it's :
    ^X-BeenThere: evolution lists ximian com

For the Freevo list, it's :
    ^List-Id: <>

For the Mythtv list, it's :
    ^List-Id: Discussion about mythtv <>/

For Debian User, it's :
    ^X-Mailing-List:.*<debian-user lists debian org>*

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Robert Orben

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