RE: [Evolution] Evo - Attaching files to E-mail

Thanks all.

I will follow the steps and submit it via the normal channels. :)


What I meant by local & network was that each user has a local folder
structure, which depending on permissions allow them to navigate through a
networked file structure.

For example: User - mfh

mfh has a number of folders within this branch. If I go up a level or two, I
can see other folders and depending on my permissions I can access other
folders located outside of my branch. Ie:

Jump up two levels:

root <- users <- mfh

So two levels up is the root folder. Conversely, two branches down from root
is mfh's folder. :)

It seems fine to navigate within mfh's folder and to attach files, but if I
jump up a level or two, that is where problems occur. I hope that makes some
sense. :)

At any rate, I will follow the debugging guide, and submit it through normal
channels, ie: Bugzilla.

Miles Humphrys

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