Re: [Evolution] Evolution Update

If you had have fully restored all of the relevent data, it happens
automatically.  Search the archives of this list for innumerable
explanations of what and where and how.

On Wed, 2005-07-27 at 15:44 -0700, Frank Jahnke wrote:
I am looking to update Evolution from 1.4 to 2.2 as part of a major
upgrade from FreeBSD 5.2.1 to 6.0.  I would like to retain passwords and
bookmarks as part of the upgrade (I have backups).  Joe Markus Clarke
suggested that I try this list for advice; please copy me on any replies
as I don't read this list regularly.

I have restored the file structure and files to my home directory, and
Evolution did not recognize any of the pre-existing files.  Might
someone here be able to help me restore the information that works with
1.4?  It need not be convenient.

I thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Frank Jahnke

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