[Evolution] Appointments missing from Calender view

Hi All 
I am new here, so I apologise if you have dealt with this before, I
could not find it in prev threads.

I am having a problem with calender. I works fine for a while, then
one day I will log in and any new appointments I add will not show up
on the calender view.
They are recorded in the evolution/local/calender/calender.ics file
and will show up in the appointment section of the summery page.

I had this problem with an older version of mandrake and evolution and
was able to to sort it by deleting lot of the hidden files associated
with evolution and restarting (very elegant solution I know), but it
would always come back. I have moved to mandrake 10 now and that does
not even work

I am running evolution 1.4.6; Mandrake 10 and KDE 3.2

Any help would be appreciated


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