Re: [Evolution] read receipt, smtp ?

hi paul,

Am Dienstag, den 12.04.2005, 11:06 -0500 schrieb paul davis:
What is the patch for Read receipt?
it will be in 2.4 (and of course in the unstable 2.3 development
releases), but since it would be a new feature it cannot get part of 2.2
(new strings would have to be translated and new features are just not
allowed by gnome guidelines to commit the patch into 2.2).
since 2.3 development has not begun yet (again, this is a gnome
development process issue), you have to wait or you have to compile it
on your own and just patch it. :-)

the documentation from novell has NO info on host:port for Evolution.
what manual are you referring to?

at least in evolution-1.4.pdf ("A User's Guide to Ximian Evolution
1.4"), it's "chapter 10: advanced configuration" | "working with mail
accounts" | "specifying port numbers".
i guess this is also part of later manual versions.

How can Evolution be so inane as to not allow for return receipt, easy configuration of SMTP port and 
the availibility to set a message priority?

message priority: please check the archives on this discussion, e.g.
and its links.


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