Re: [Evolution] Inconsistent expunge behaviour

On Sat, 2005-04-09 at 09:31 +0800, Not Zed wrote:

If you've already filed a bug, no need to bring it up here.

I brought it up to see if anyone had a comment, which I see you did. I
filed it as a bug anticipating the usual "file a bug" recommendation.

Anyway there was no need to file a bug, there is a prompt for this,
and by default it will ask, you must've turned it off in the past -
there is no (need for a) visible option to re-enable it (and many
other similar options).

In previous versions of Evo I did get a prompt. At one time I did turn
it off, decided it was too dangerous and turned it on again (by
selecting the "confirm when expunging a folder" box under Mail
Preferences). That box is still ticked. What has changed is Evo's
behaviour. That's what I'm complaining about.

Perhaps 2.2 doesn't consider that requiring confirmation to expunge a
folder means I also want confirmation to empty trash (which includes
expunging each folder). Previous versions did follow this logic. If 2.2
is different, there should be a separate option.


On Fri, 2005-04-08 at 10:24 -0400, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote: 
I have Evo configured to "confirm when expunging a folder", and
it works correctly. However Actions->Empty Trash, a potentially more
damaging operation (since it expunges all folders) does *not* ask for
confirmation. Previous versions of Evo did do so.

I've reported this as a bug.


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