Re: [Evolution] Marking mail as read

On Mon, 2004-09-27 at 11:36 -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:
On Mon, 2004-09-27 at 11:19 -0400, JP Rosevear wrote:
On Mon, 2004-09-27 at 11:10 -0400, Ted Anderson wrote:
I've noticed that Evolution no longer marks mail as read after I double-
click on it to view it in a separate window. Is this by design or a bug?

Its a bug thats already been fixed.

I've been using 1.5 (and now 2.0.0) for a couple of months now, 
and never noticed this bug.  In fact, I always use separate windows,
and have always seen mails marked "read".

This would be the case if you also have the "Mark mail as read after n
seconds" option turned on in the settings.

JP Rosevear <jpr novell com>
Novell, Inc.

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