[Evolution] Filters referencing IMAP folders get ruined when IMAP server fails

I've started using an IMAP account. Absolutely lovely.
And I've created heaps of filters that move mail into subfolders in the
IMAP account.
Problem is, when the IMAP server fails (happens a bit just now) and I'm
forced to disable the account until the server is up again, all my filters
remove the "move to xxx folder" action as the folder is no longer there.
This is terrible, and involves heaps of work to restore them.

Is there something I can do about this?
Or should I report a bug?

I'm using 1.4.6 as I need ximian-connector.
Is ximian-connnector available for evolution-2.0 yet?
Will upgrading to 2.0 help this problem?


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