[Evolution] Tool to convert Mozilla LDIF file to the evolution schema

I'm trying to export my contacts from Outlook into Evolution and what seems to be the way other people have done this is to install Thunderbird and get it to import the contacts from the outlook .PST file and then to export them as LDIF.

When I import them into evolution I get all the contacts but because the schemas are different it doesn't load all the address fields correctly.

I could sit down and work out the differences and write a small program to do it but I was hoping that someone else had already done this and would be willing to share it. Or that Evolution would support the Mozilla address book schemas?

Actually what I really want to do is synchronize Outlook with my LDAP directory in using the evolutionPerson object class, but I can dream?

Thanks in advance for any help


P.S. I love the way I can edit my LDAP address book as easily as I can a local one, good job!!!
Paul Austin <business paul austin name>

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