Re: [Evolution] Going offline on an imap account

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 10:02 +1000, Andrew Cowie wrote:
Not sure if this is significant: I've an IMAP account, and a
particularly large folder. I just switched it to caching for offline
mode, and as it chugs through the messages ["Preparing folder 'Lists'
for offline (36% complete)"], I get an endless stream of these:

sending : A00046 UID FETCH 6914 BODY.PEEK[]
received: * 2103 FETCH (UID 6914 BODY[] {2246}
received: )
received: A00046 OK UID FETCH completed
CamelException.setv(0x452229d0, 2, 'Failed to cache : No such file or

on the console. [CAMEL_DEBUG=all]

Is that bad? I can't tell if anything is actually wrong or not.

Does it do that every time, for all messages?  Or just new messages?  Is stuff available when online mode?

It might just be a spurious 'internal' error created and discarded during the process, or if nothing is getting cached, its an issue.

Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>
"born to die, live to work, it's all downhill from here"
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