[Evolution] Default Setting For HTML Attachments in Preview Pane

Maybe I'm missing something obvious (it certainly wouldn't be the first time), but is there a way to change the default behavior in Evo 2 with respect to HTML attachments? Most of the people I get email from these days send HTML mail only, and when I receive them, I just get an attachment icon in the preview pane. I have to click on this icon to display the HTML attachment (which is the message) inline.

This probably seems trivial, but I get a ton of email each day and it's very often a reply to a previous message. This gives me a long list of mails in the mail list with the same subject. I used to be able to just click through them rapidly and scan them in the preview pane to determine which one I wanted. Now I have to select one, click the icon, read the mail, select another, click the icon, etc. It's nearly annoying enough to make me go back to Evo 1.4 or Thunderbird and I don't want to do either of those things. Evo 2 is absolutely fantastic, that one issue aside...


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