Re: [Evolution] [IMPORTANT] How-to Import AddressBook from an old evolution directory on CD-ROM

My HDD crashed and I reinstalled my entire system, and at the same
time installed 2.0. BUT I can't import my contacts.

I recreated by hand my email account settings, but I need to import
all my address book from an old evolution/ directory (1.4.6) which is
on a backup CD-ROM.
How can I do that??

I looked into the import function in the menu, but none allow such
thing... So is there a trick to do so? It is 1,000+ contacts
addressbooks, and I can't afford to not import it. :(

Here's how to force migration:

Be careful and read the caveats! This will overwrite all your Evolution
2.0.x data and start over with the 1.4.x data (if available). Thus you
will lose any changes and added data (like Contacts, POP3 mail) done
with 2.0.x only.

FYI: Evolution would have automagically migrated all your old stuff, if
you would have restored the old (1.4.x) ~/evolution directory before
running Evolution 2.0.x for the first time...

As you seem to have set up all your accounts and likely already
retrieved or changed data (Mails, Calendar), you cannot use the method
described above. Here is how I would migrate the Contacts only:

Create a new (temporary) user, copy your old Evolution 1.4 ~/evolution
directory into that users home. Do *not* run Evolution 2.0 before
copying the data. Adjust the ownership of that just copied old
~/evolution directory to be owned by the temporary user. (If you still
have the *old* ~/.gconf directory, do the very same with
~/.gconf/apps/evolution -- if you don't have it, try without it. [1])

Run Evolution 2.0 and let it migrate your old data. Export all your
Contacts [2] as vCard. You can easily import this vCard list, to get all
Contacts back.



[1] Dunno, if this works, never tried that. If it doesn't work well
without that GConf keys, run Evolution 2.0 (which will create everything
needed) and reset the GConf version values as described in the link

[2] You can export a whole Address Book at a single blow by marking all
and then save as vCard.

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