Re: [Evolution] Configuring Spamassassin with Evo 2.0

On Tue, 2004-10-05 at 13:17 -0500, Greg Macek wrote:

I recently upgraded to Evo 2.0.1, but I'm confused as to how I actually
configure spamassassin. I haven't found any configuration dialogs
anywhere. If someone can point me to the documentation or config files,
it'd be much appreciated. 

There isn't much to configure, but what there is can be found in
Evolution's rather confusing* "junk" settings, under
Tools->Settings->Mail Preferences->Junk, and some account-specific
settings (IMAP only).  You can also find some Spamassassin files in your
$HOME/.spamassassin directory.

I noticed this issue when someone tried to email me something, but it
was filtered to the Junk folder. However, the Junk folder doesn't show
me that there are new messages in it, which is a little frustrating
because I need to check it often.

I assume that was an intentional design decision.  But one alternative
is to add a filter (Tools->Filters).  Just use condition "Junk Test:
Message is Junk" and tell the filter to move the message to a named
folder of your choice (I use "spam").  You should then be shown a
message count in that folder.

Anyway, one problem with this solution is that you will *not* be able to
use "Mark as not Junk", because this feature is unfortunately disabled
if you're not in the "official" Junk folder.  But the filtering is
generally really good, and the (hopefully) rare occasions where
Spamassassin mis-identifies spam, you can temporarily UN-hide deleted
messages, locate the relevant non-spam message in Evo's Junk folder, and
tell Evo it's not spam.

This probably only applies to IMAP accounts, but the biggest
disadvantage of Evolution's current "Junk" system is that when you check
your mail on another computer (or via webmail, etc.) you will find ALL
the spam that Evolution has previously filtered in your INBOX (unless
you delete the contents of your "Junk" folder *every* time you leave
Evolution).  Furthermore, Evolution on another computer won't spam-check
that mail because it has been marked read.

So unless you use only Evolution--and only on one computer--to check
your mail, you almost certainly want to prevent Evolution from using its
Junk folder by using a filter as I mentioned above.

Any pointers on this setup are appreciated. Thanks.

Hope that helps.  The (bayesian) spam-filtering in Evolution does an
excellent job at filtering spam.  I can't imagine living without it now,
but I look forward to seeing this feature refined for better usability.


* see and others.

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