[Evolution] Removing dupes V2

I had an experience in the same lane. 

Just upgrade from FC2 to FC3, which is an upgrade from 1.4.x to 2.0.2
Note that my new system is an amd64, not ia32.

During conversion evo crashed (no didn't report it, I was confident that
the conversion was restartable.)
While I'm not seeing any folders that have duplicates (haven't check
every folder), my contacts (the local/Personal contacts, I'm not using
any ldap server) had been duplicated. 
I've only something like 230 contacts, I decided just to delete them
rather that doing a rollback or hacking files. 

The real problem comes now:

Memory leak:
As I started to mark contacts deleting them, and scrolling right, the
memory consumption in my system escalated. 
X went from using 200MB to 1000MB, my system ran out of swap and I
eventually hard reset it. I had only gotten halfway thru deleting.

I replaced the X backend from the nv driver to the closed source nvidia
driver, and restarted, but the memory consumption was still there.

Now restarted a third time, and just opening my contacts and scrolling
thru it increases the  X memory usage from 200 to ~590 MB.

Killing evo and X released some memory, it dropped to 490, restarting
evo and scrolled thru the contacts again increased X's usage to 590

Since I've "only" 512MB ram accessing the contacts in evo causes massive
swapping to the point that double step of scroll right takes about 1-2
minutes. (Double as is clicking in the scrollbar before or just as the
first scroll step have completed.)

My conclusion is that if you only have 512MB of RAM the contacts view is
practically broken. 

I expect that this should easy be repeatable.

On Sun, 2004-11-21 at 13:33 -0500, Dan Jones wrote: 
I recently went from Evolution 1.4 to 2.0.  Evolution 2 informed me that
the location where messages were stored was different and started
importing all of my old messages.  When it finished, it popped up a box
asking me whether it should delete or save the old messages.  I told it
to delete them and Evolution crashed.

I restarted it and it again informed me that the location was different
and started to import the messages.  Then it complained that the
directory it was trying to create already existed.  I told it to
overwrite the directory and it continued.  I got the same error several
more times.

This time, Evolution finished the import without crashing.  The problem
is that both imports worked - I now have two copies of every message in
my archives, which is close to 100MB of messages (now taking up almost
200MB.)  Is there any way or any tool to go through and weed out the
duplicate messages?

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