[Evolution] Evolution 2.1.0

The Evolution Team is pleased to announce Evolution 2.1.0 has been released to coincide with GNOME 2.9.1
Download the following:


Upgrade Notes:
Evolution 2.1 is an unstable development series.  It
will upgrade your existing 1.4 install, but currently does not need to
upgrade your 2.0 install to work.

Major New User Features:
See http://gnome.org/projects/evolution/map.shtml for work in progress.

Major New Developer Features:
* EPlugin
* Loadable EDS Modules

Known Issues:
There is one major known issue:
1) First run wizard is currently disabled

Evolution 2.1.0, 2004-11-01

Bugzilla bugs fixed (see http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi):

 * Addressbook

   #61069 - Missing space in evolution addressbook message (Andre Klapper)
   #61972 - Typo in country name: Is "Grena-dines", should be "Grenadines" (Andre Klapper)

 * Mail

   #68894 - IMAP4 rev1, error on selecting INBOX (Jeff)
   #68814 - evo crash while fetching mail using IMAP4 rev1 (Jeff)
   #44876 - Missing keyboard navigation in the e-mail recipient section (Mengjie Yu)

Other bugs

 * Address Book

    - Display multi value attributes in the preview (Nat)

 * Mail

    - Enable IMAP4 camel provider by default (Jeff)
    - IMAP4 offline folder info caching (Jeff)
 * Calendar

    - a11y fixes (Li Yuan)
    - make free/busy information gathering more efficient (Harish)

 * Shell

    - remove deprecated calls (Kjartan Maraas)

  * Plugins

    - convert mail, address book to econfig (Zucchi)
    - convert all components to e-menu (Zucchi)
    - add new mail event (Zucchi)
    - add message replied event (Nat/Zucchi)
    - add online/offline event (Zucchi)
    - inline audio via gstreamer (Radek)
    - big brother database (Nat)
    - copy address tool (Zucchi)
    - folder unsubscribe (Jeff)
    - mail to task (Rodrigo)
    - mark calendar for offline (Harish)
    - prefer plain text for messages (Zucchi)
    - save attachments (Zucchi)
    - save calendar (Rodrigo)
    - select one calendar/task (JP)
    - subject threading (JP/Zucchi)

Updated translations:

  - da (Martin Willemoes Hansen)
  - it (Marco Ciampa)
  - sq (Laurent Dhima)
  - el (Nikos Charonitakis)
  - ms (Hasbullah Bin Pit)
  - bg (Vladimir Petkov)

Evolution Data Server 1.1.0, 2004-11-01

Bugzilla bugs fixed (see http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi):

  * Calendar

    #64673 - Cannot view free/busy for GroupWise users for users outside POA (Harish)
    #67031 - Groupwise task completion not showing (Chen)

  * Address Book

    #42165 - "search in any field" produces wrong results (Siva)
    #64298 - G/W failure to authenticate (Siva)

  * All

    #65200 - GroupWise backend crash
    #67031 - (Partial) show completed status properly for GroupWise tasks
Other bugs

  * Address Book
    - Fix e_book_commit_contact multiple usage crash (Diego Gonzalez)
    - Make groupwise IM names searchable (Nat)

  * Calendar
    - Speed up free/busy gathering (Harish)
    - Speed up getting detached instance information (Rodrigo)

  * All
    - loadable backend modules (Toshok)
    - create libedataserverui (JP)

Updated Translations:
        - sr (Danilo Segan)
        - sr Latn (Danilo Segan)
        - cs (Miloslav Trmac)
        - sq (Laurent Dhima)
        - en_CA (Adam Weinberger)
        - en_GB (David Lodge)

Exchange Connector 2.1.0  2004-11-01

Other bugs

    - work with EDS loadable modules

Updated translations:
  - da (Martin Willemoes Hansen)
  - ko (Changwoo Ryu)

gtkhtml-3.5.0 "Frond" 2004-11-01

New in this release

   * added id attribute to objects
   * beginning of border style

gal-2.3.0  2004-11-01

Other bugs and changes:

        - bumped API to 2.4 and version to 2.3

Reporting Bugs

If you have problems with 2.1.0, please take the time to submit the bug
using Bug Buddy or at http://bugzilla.ximian.com.  Try to fill in as
much detail as you can regarding the circumstances that lead to the

If you have a feature request, you can also file that at
http://bugzilla.ximian.com/ don't be discouraged if you don't hear from
us right away, we get hundreds of feature requests a year.

You can also check if your bug has been reported before by using the
search functionality of Bugzilla.

More information is available at the project website:

JP Rosevear <jpr novell com>
Novell, Inc.

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