Re: [Evolution] Converting from Kmail

On Mon, 2004-11-01 at 19:26 +0100, guenther wrote:
Menú Actions->Apply Filters (or Ctrl-Y).

Thanks Poc - this I know about, but if you have a filter defined it is applied 
to messages as they come in - there doesn't appear to be any way of defining 
a filter and saying "don't apply this until I manually invoke it".

Right, there is no such option on a by-filter basis.

You can turn of automatically filtering for IMAP accounts. For some
strange reason, this options does not exist for POP3 accounts, though.

(Jeff, Michael: Any reason why?)

all incoming mail gets passed into filters (that's the point of filetrs
afterall). the reason IMAP has a checkbox for it is because IMAP can
have mail sorted server-side (which is also a fair bit faster to do).

we used to have a a third ruleset for filters ("On-Demand") but it was
removed - I don't remember why. Possibly users were getting confused? 

*shrug* (as it is, users are confused by the fact that incoming rules
aren't applied to outgoing mail and that they have to setup outgoing
filters to filter their outgoing mail)

This was all pre-1.0 tho...



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