[Evolution] OpenLDAP wish for 2.0

This is for Chris Toshok: Chris, I know that you hate me because of my
slating you before 1.4, but after 1.4 I've actually praised you :)
Openldap, namely. I don't know enough about other implementations (Sun,
Netscape, IBM, Microsoft AD etc.)

Could the following be considered for Evo 2.0?

Besides non-encrypted LDAP connections to the server on port 389,
Openldap recognizes STARTTLS to port 389 plus SSL to port 636. But in
addition it recognizes and implements connections to a Unix domain
socket (mine is /usr/local/var/slapd/ldapi, for example).

Is ldapi for Evo 2.0 possible? The thing about ldapi (Unix domain
sockets and Evo on the same host) is: 1: security, 2: raw *performance*.
My defaults both for pam_ldap >= 160 and Openldap >= 2.1.22 are for
ldapi (fallback to STARTTLS) for same-host and network-wide systems.

Best and thanks :)



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but out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry.

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