Re: [Evolution] each other mail hangs the machine

Oddly enough, right after complaining about Evo to this list, it stopped
hanging... :-| And I had this problem for a couple of months now...

It even looks like it suddenly got afraid of being upgraded or

Well, it's too late for regrets now, as I'm really going to upgrade it

On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 15:33, Jose Alves de Castro wrote:

I'm having a very strange problem with Evo, and I would like to know if
anyone here has been through the same.

Each other e-mail I send hangs Evolution.

I hit the New button, write a mail, send. Ok.
I hit the New button, Evo freezes, Mozilla freezes after a while too,
finally I can write a mail, send. Ok.

And this is like an infinite loop... Out of each two mails (precisely),
one of them hangs my machine (one works, one doesn't, one works, one
doesn't, etc).

I would like to at least be able to debug this... can anyone tell me how
to do that, too? :-|



PS: It really doesn't matter whether I use New, Reply, Reply to All,
etc. Seems like even mails are ok but odd mails are not... I just don't
understand it... :-|
Josà Alves de Castro <jcastro telbit pt>
Telbit - Tecnologias de InformaÃÃo

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