[Evolution] my evo1.5.7 impressions


i know i'm late but finally i also jumped on the edge and installed
evo1.5.7 (i know that 1.5.8 is already out) to be able to check some of
my favourite 1.4.6 bugs, gerardo... ;-)

while checking all my folders for the first time, i often got the
following output:
** (evolution-1.5:2187): CRITICAL **: file e-canvas.c: line 584
(e_canvas_item_grab_focus): assertion `GTK_WIDGET_CAN_FOCUS (GTK_WIDGET
(item->canvas))' failed
any idea? probably i should switch from gtk2-2.2.4 to gtk2-2.4.1. (i
tried it already once but it fucked my system totally up - perhaps i'll
give it another try). i couldn't reproduce this when clicking around
after starting evo1.5 for a second time.

under "auto-completion" in the preferences, i can only unmark one of my
local addressbooks when i haven't highlighted the address book that i
want to unmark. is this a known bug?

and the third one: i started evolution-1.5 with "--force-migrate". when
migrating my "mail" folders, the migration window was correctly set to
my locale language (german), but when it started migrating the other
stuff ("personal" etc), the language of the migration window switched to
english. again: is this a known bug?

to summarize my first impression: very good work, thanks guys! though i
guess i'll have to find a few new things out in the next days... :-)

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