Re: [Evolution] Evolution and Spamassassin

On Sun, 2004-05-23 at 17:18, Kai Sommer wrote:
1. sorry for the mistaken first post
2. my mail again (hope - a new thread ;)

Hallo list-members,

since 3-4 month I'am using Evo (now 1.4.6) for my mails (under gentoo).
1 month ago I installes spamassassin and made a filter for checking my
mails (pipe massage to shell command 'spam -c' returns greater than '0'
-> move to SPAM-folder).
I have some pop3-accounts and today there was following huge problem:
if I try to send with name rz uni-potsdam de i get the following message
"Error while performing operation: MAIL FROM response error: Rejected -

What the hell means that!?

Based on the info provided it sounds like the system you tried to send
email to from that account is rejecting your messages based on the list.  Does email sent from that account to all servers get
that reject message?  Or is it just one recipient server that is doing

If that account is not listed by it could be the recipient
server is miss configured in some way.  You may want to contact that
servers postmaster to see if they have some insight to the problem.

The spamassassin filter would have nothing to do with this problem.  The
filter would only be looking at incoming email not outgoing email.

Scot L. Harris <webid cfl rr com>

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