[Evolution] Evolution and Spamassassin

1. sorry for the mistaken first post
2. my mail again (hope - a new thread ;)

Hallo list-members,

since 3-4 month I'am using Evo (now 1.4.6) for my mails (under gentoo).
1 month ago I installes spamassassin and made a filter for checking my
mails (pipe massage to shell command 'spam -c' returns greater than '0'
-> move to SPAM-folder).
I have some pop3-accounts and today there was following huge problem:
if I try to send with name rz uni-potsdam de i get the following message
"Error while performing operation: MAIL FROM response error: Rejected -
see http://sorbs.net";.

What the hell means that!?

First I looked at sorbs.net and couldn't find any problems with (rz.uni-potsdam.de). Then I tryed to disable the
spamassas-filter - no changes (the message is still there).
Last test was searching at google - no luck...

Is there someone who can help me? (I don't know where is the problem -
evo or sa.)

thx - Kai

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