Re: [Evolution] popup Error sending password: -ERR /var/mail/[ID].pop lock busy! Is another session active

just leave the window open and hide it.  any followons will be surpressed.  this is just a workaround obviously.

On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 23:29 +0200, Bastiaan Spandaw wrote:
Hi All,

9 colleagues and I pop the same 10 pop3 boxes.
We have "leave on server" set to on.

Every time the spool file is locked because one of us is popping the box
I get this popup.

"Error sending password: -ERR [IN-USE] /var/mail/[ID].pop lock busy! Is
another session active"

The error message is legitimate, because the spool file is indeed

But is there a way I can suppress these popups? (let evo ignore these
Thanks in advance,


ps please cc me, as I am not subscribed.

ps2 outlook 2000 used ignore the errors, but outlook 2k3 copied the
popup behaviour from evolution... ;-)

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