[Evolution] No new mail detection

Something about my setup is not allowing evolution to detect new mail. Once I run evolution for the first time (and import my existing IMAP mail), evolution will never ever pick up any new mail again. Restarting evolution (nor linux) doesn't help.

Mandrake linux 10.0
evolution: 1.5.7-2mdk

using IMAP from my own local machine (mozilla-mail and other IMAP clients work fine). I do store my IMAP folders in my home directory so that they are included in backups, such as
[jeff server jeff]$ ls -als /var/spool/mail/jeff
0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root mail 21 Jul 27 2003 /var/spool/mail/jeff -> /home/jeff/mail/Inbox

Any ideas?


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