Re: [Evolution] Changing the Spell Check color

Ok, so it took me a while to reply to this... *grin*

On Sun, 2004-02-08 at 20:30, guenther wrote:
IIRC I had to change the value 2 times. The red color I still wanted to
use actually was set in the settings -- so I had to set it to another
value to force a change. Then I could set it back to red.

Maybe that was the bug I remembered :)

The extra step was necessary, cause when closing the settings dialog
with the same value as when starting it, nothing is written.

If you don't have enabled spell checking while tying, you have to start
spell checking manually. Even with a black color you should see the

I wasn't ...

Check the settings. Are there languages enabled? Checking while typing?
Setting and resetting the color?

Languages... I supposed those would help, eh?  I determined what the
problem was ...  Apparently gnome-spell1.0 vanished between installing
1.4 and 1.4.5 ...  *shrug*  no idea why .. reinstalling it instantly
solved the problem... :)

btw: Do you use Gnome as Dektop? If you are using KDE, maybe a not
running Gnome Settings Daemon may be the culprit.

Gnome ...  KDE is evil...  I initially thought KDE was great when I
switched over from Windows, but I had more problems with it than I did
with Windows...  I discovered XD2, installed that over KDE (big
mistake), and loved it..  So, after reinstalling the system as gnome
only, then installing XD2, I was set...  :)

Now I'm awaiting XD2 for Fedora, or Redhat Desktop ...  :)


And i do appreciate it..  Thanks!

Jason H. Frisvold

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