Re: [Evolution] OpenPGP/GPG inline message support

Am Sa, den 15.05.2004 schrieb Jeffrey Stedfast um 1:09:
On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 16:06 -0500, Brian G. Peterson wrote:
I'm writing to inquire after the status of inline OpenPGP support in
Evolution.  Google and the archive for this list (and my current
experience with Evolution) seem to indicate that inline OpenPGP messages
are *still* not supported.

inline support is required for full OpenPGP standards compliance
End Of Thread (since nothing useful can come out of further discussion
of this topic)

I think the last sentence is a little bit rude. No matter some one was
asking for a feature (that I think would be nice) and at least has read
a lot of rfc which is not easy especially when the topic is mime and
pgp. I know that other (M$ and Linux) mailer have this option and I
think it would be nice. It is okay to decide to not implement this but
it should be okay to talk about it. 

No matter who does the actuall encryption or singing my mailer should at
least give an interface to all the usefull features of pgp. However pgp
signing is working and I am using it. I guess that the signature evo
creates with the help of pgp is only for the text not for attachements
(kmail can do both)?


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