Re: [Evolution] home mail howto? more info

On Thu, 13 May 2004 08:35:21 -0400 Tom Cooper
<tcooper starpower net> wrote:
Interestingly I just set up mac mail to point to the imap server,
and it
is able to browse the whole $HOMEDIR filesystem.

Can Evolution do that?  Do i need to do something with folder
subscription to pull this off?

Using courier-imap, this was trivial.  
1. Install courier-imap
2. In ~, make the Maildir, by running "maildirmail Maildir".
3. Configure Evo by creating a new account, with the type being
4. Restart Evo.  The IMAP server appears in the folder pane.
5. Using Evo, create any IMAP subfolders.
6. Using Evo, drag-n-drop email from any local spools to IMAP

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