Re: [Evolution] Where is the default page size for printing kept?

The settings would be system GNOME settings, so your best bet would be
to ask on one of the GNOME lists.


On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 14:04 -0400, Rick DeNatale wrote:
Okay, I give up.  

How do I set the default page size for printing from evolution to letter
instead of A4?

I've googled and looked around the source code for evolution, gnome etc,
but can't figure this out (there's just two much source code to look

I'm running evo on KDE (RH9 and CUPS), and when I try to print the
default always comes up as A4 which keeps the print from working unless
I change it. I've gone back and run under the Gnome desktop to see if I
can find any settings dialog to change it.

The only thing I found was lpoptions -o media=Letter which doesn't seem
to change anything.


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