[Evolution] Tasks forwarded as iCalendar attachments not updating

Hello all,

I've been having a great time using evolution.  Recently, I have been
trying to synchronize some tasks between home and work by forwarding
them as iCalendar attachments.  When I forward a task, if that task
already exists in the local store, then evolution simply shows the text
of the task, and an update button, just as if the task were a calendar
object.  When you click on this button, then the task gets updated
correctly. However, if the task is new, that is does not exist in the
local store, then evolution also displays an update button.  However,
evolution also displays a button that lets you decide where you want to
place the incoming task.  Note that at this point, I am only given an
option to "update", as opposed to "add" or something similar.  After
choosing where I want the task to go, if I then click on the update
button, I get a message window that says "Object is invalid and cannot
be updated".  On the command line, evolution outputs the message:

(evolution:16731): cal-client-CRITICAL **: file cal-client.c: line 2804
(cal_client_update_objects): assertion `client != NULL' failed

(The 16371 is replaced by the PID of the evolution process.)  If I save
the iCalendar attachment out as a separate file, and then try to import
that file, then everything works fine.  What's even stranger is that I
can update calendar objects that don't exist with no issue.

Is there a problem with trying to update tasks that don't exist yet, as
I am doing here?  I don't know if I'm doing something that's brain dead
or if this is a real bug.  Any suggestions?

I am using evolution 1.4.5-7 under Red Hat Fedora Core 1.

Thank you in advance.


John Guthrie
guthrie counterexample org

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