Re: [Evolution] bugzilla does not fully recognize my new username

Thats a known bug in bugzilla (known for ages, those responsible wont fix).

I get around it by hitting back, reload, then submit again; it often works.  Eventually.

On Mon, 2004-05-10 at 10:23 +0200, Nicola Fankhauser wrote:

I wanted to report a potential bug I found in evo 1.4.5 (may not be
fixed in 1.4.6 yet), so I created a new bugzilla account, located a bug
to reopen (#15892), edited the description and wanted to submit, but it
would not recognize my new username. sending my password has worked
twice, so I believe the username _is_ registered... strangely enough,
the bug got reopened (as I marked it), but my new description is not

btw, my bugzilla username is "nicola fankhauser variant ch".

thanks & regards

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