Re: [Evolution] rfc, different filter interface

On Fri, 2004-05-07 at 04:36, Not Zed wrote:
I use evolution filters to manage my mail, rather than vfolders, and
although they work find, they seem clumsy to work with.

Agreed, once a set of rules is set up they're an invaluable tool.  But
if something changes in the user's situation (for lack of a better word)
editing the rules can be a real PITA.

I only have two types of filters
- a whitelist/blacklist of individuals which get moved to a given
- list related filters which get moved to a given folder

I have some rules set up to test for forged (SPAM) messages as well.


But if i need to change the rule later, or modify it, i have to go to
the filter editor, search through the almost randomly named filters
there and open it up to edit it.

Not sure what you mean with randomly named filters?  You can edit the
name of a rule when you edit it, I use this to name all my rules so I
can group them by these names.

If I setup a new whitelist entry, the problem becomes even worse, I
have to cut and paste the address across or type it in.  There's no
way to just add an address to it.  I thought a solution would be to
have a wizard instead to drive the "create filter/vfolder from rule"
menu items so you could be asked questions like this, e.g. "add to
existing rule/create new rule".  This is probably still a reasonable
idea (especially since the 'create filter/vfolder from x' menu is too

Perhaps there's a more easy way to do this:
In the 'if' part of the rule add a button after "sender" "is" that opens
the "Select contact from Addressbook" window where the user can select
contacts to add to the rule.

I see two poosibilities when the user selects multiple contacts:
- multiple "sender is ..." rules are created
- a single "sender is in ..." rule is created containing some sort of
regex containing all the contacts

But wouldn't it be nice if:
- you could define rules 'on the folder'.  So you define your rules on
the folder, its trivial to then find the filter rules for that folder
later, and it has implicit actions of 'move to this folder/stop
processing'.  Just use a context menu on the folder to get to the
rules for this folder.

This would be nice!

- you could drag and drop addresses onto a mail folder, it then adds
that address to your whitelist rules.  The same for dropping addresses
onto a vfolder.

How do you drag and drop addresses?  Do you mean dragging contacts from
the contacts window?  Or do you mean dragging messages from that


You would still need the ordering interface, and you would still need
other actions, so this would just be a layering ontop of the existing
stuff, but it would make management easier.

And while we're rethinking the rules-engine, perhaps conditional rules
can be considered again? :)
IF criteria 1
AND criteria 2 OR criteria 3
THEN action


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