[Evolution] Problem in using the contact and calende and tasks


I'm a new Linux user. My office computer is the Fedora
and I have Evolution v1.4.5. In the beginning I
couldn't open my contacts and Calender and Task I used
to receive the following messages: 

Contacts error: We were unable to open this address
book.  Please check that the path exists and that you
have permission to access it.

Calender error: could not open the folder in

Task error: Could not load the tasks in

Surprisingly after some weeks it suddenly starts to
work. I didn't do any thing to solve the problem! Even
more weird, it stops working again from yesterday. The
only thing that I did was getting some update with
'yum' command from the server. I didn't change any
evolutions settings. Now I receive the same error
messages as before. It is really frustrating and I
would be very grateful if some one could help me. 



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