[Evolution] evolution don't open save as option in print pdf file.


> just to be sure: we are both talking about "file | print" and then if i
> check my printers, there is "create a postscript", "create a pdf file"
> and my old dirty "hp deskjet 500c".

> do you use gnome when printing in evolution? which gnome version?
> which versions have your print libraries?

> i'm very sure this is not a evolution related problem.

> cheers,
> andre

My client use SuSe 9.0, evolution 1.4.6, gnome 2.2, cupsys 1.1.19 and print in evolution "Create a PDF document". Don't exist save as option for output.pdf file. output.pdf is write in home directory.

In my Debian Sarge, I'm using evolution 1.4.5, cupsys 1.1.20, gnome 2.4 and this option exist.

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